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  • Nidek Oxygen Concentrator Nuvo 8 LPM

Nuvo 8 Oxygen Concentrator provides up to 8 liters of continuous flow oxygen for Oxygen Therapy patients. The Nuvo 8 Concentrator is a Medical Oxygen Concentrator manufactured by Nidek in the USA to meet the needs of patients who require concentrated oxygen at home.

This Home Oxygen Concentrator is lightweight and easily rolls from room to room. Caster type wheels provides easy transport and maneuverability.

The slender and sleek cabinet design for the Nuvo Oxygen Concentrator allow it to fit where you need it to go. Handles are incorporated into the design of the concentrator to facilitate transport.

Easy access to the filter, hourmeter and battery are provided by an access panel on the rear of the concentrator. The Nidek Nuvo 8 Oxygen Concentrator operates at less than 48 dBA to provide quiet operation.

Features & Benefits
Oxygen Concentration Status Indicator comes standard with the 585 model.
Patented RPSA Technology.
Patented maintenance free rotary poppet valve.
Superior grade of molecular sieve.
Exclusive moisture reducing wick assembly.
Reinforced base substructure and recessed casters to guard against breakage.
Spring mounted high efficiency Thomas Nexus Compressor.
Filters, Replacement Parts and Accessories for the Nuvo 8 Concentrator are available at Vitality Medical.

Nidek Nuvo 8 Oxygen Concentrator Product: 580, 585.
Width: 15.6”
Height: 27.8”
Depth: 15.5”
Weight: 53.5 lbs.
Noise: 48 dBA
Oxygen Output (max): 8 LPM
Oxygen Outlet Pressure: 17 psig.
Oxygen Concentration: at 8 liters per minute – 90% +5% / -3%.
Power Consumption: 500W average.
Operating Level Above Sea Level: 0-7,500 feet.
Power: 115V 60 Hz
Made in the USA.
Warranty: 3 years limited.

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Nidek Oxygen Concentrator Nuvo 8 LPM

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