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Ventilator Oxygen Sensors And Flow Sensors

Intended use: medical oxygen sensors are intended to replace the original oxygen sensors in medical devices such as anesthesia machines, ventilators, oxygen monitors and analyzers, incubators etc. to measure oxygen concentrations in breathing gas mixtures.
  • Interferences against anesthetic gases according to DIN EN ISO 80601-2-55
  • Up to 22 months warranty from the date of shipment (depending on sensor type)
  • Life time up to 60 months
  • Storage time up to 6 months max. recommended (depending on sensor type)
  • Storage temperature between min. 0oC and max. 40oC in original package
  • Operating temperature between 10oC and 40oC
  • Minimum or basically no warm-up time
  • Less risk of leakage based on improved sensor housing
  • Highly accurate and stable perfomance
  • OEM possible
All technical data based on 25°C temperature, 50% relative humidity and 1013hPA pressure.
(Diving sensors on request)

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