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Adequate and intensive rehabilitation is an important requirement for successful total knee arthroplasty.
Although research suggests that Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) should be implemented in the first rehabilitation phase after surgery, there is substantial debate about the duration of each session and the total period of CPM application.

Stiffness following surgery or injury to a joint develops as a progression of four stages: bleeding, edema, granulation tissue, and fibrosis. Continuous passive motion (CPM) properly applied during the first two stages of stiffness acts to pump blood and edema fluid away from the joint and periarticular tissues.

This concept has been applied successfully to elbow rehabilitation, and explains the controversy surrounding CPM following knee arthroplasty.

The application of this concept to clinical practice requires a paradigm shift, resulting in our attention being focused on preventing the initial or delayed accumulation of periarticular interstitial fluids.

The argument for a CPM is that patients do have an initial increase in motion following surgery that is more rapid than patients who do not use a CPM. Furthermore, patients who use a CPM following knee replacement surgery are less likely to require knee manipulation (where the patient is given general anesthesia, and the knee is forced to bend) than patients who do not use a CPM.

Also, patients often feel a strong desire to be “doing something” to help their recovery. While CPM may not actually alter the result of the surgery, it can give patients a sense that they are doing something to help their recovery, even when resting in bed.

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Continuous passive motion (CPM) on Rent

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