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FAQ’s - Frequetly Asked Questions

Q- What is the procedure to take a product on rent?
A- It is very easy to rent a product with Innerpeace healthsupport solutions. Just book your requirement on call. Set day and time. Come along with post dated cheque in favour of Innerpeace healthsupport solutions of amount told to you by us. Pay rent and take your product.

Q- Why do you need a post dated cheque for rental?
A- We take a PDC just for security reasons. We kept this cheque as a property of Innerpeace healthsupport solutions against the product we rented to you. We returned this cheque at the time when you returned the product you rented from us.

Q- What happen when a product I rented from you mishandled ?
A- Other than minor mishandling, we charge the value of product to you, equal to market price of product. The price of a used product is calculated as per natural justice.

Q- What happen if I need the product for more duration that i told to you? Will you than submit that PDC to Your account?
A- If you feel that you need that product for longer duration, just inform us. We will only take charge for the product of that duration. We will never submit tour PDC to our account until you told us to do so.

Q- Can I also buy products from you?
A- Yes, we do sell new and used products also. Even we can customize especially designed product according to your need for you.

Q- What is Inhome nursing care services?
A- Inhome nursing care services can be provided within the comfort of your home for patients who do not need hospitalization or need care just like hospital after getting discharge from hospital.

Q- How do I choose the right home healthcare company?
A- You need to look at a company which provides a wide range of home healthcare services and provides professional services with appropriate back-up so that your loved ones are never left un-attended.

Q- What services Innerpeace healthsupport solutions offering?
A- Innerpeace healthsupport solutions is specialized in giving Inhome nursing care, Old age care, Personal assistance services, Care giving services, Rental of Medical Equipment and help you to find allied services for Doctors, Hospitals, Path Labs etc.

Q- How do I avail of the services?
A- You can either call us or e-mail us and we will arrange for the same through our representatives.

Q- How do I or my family benefit?
A- Well trained healthcare professionals are provided by the company to take care of your care needs, also the family can relax and be assured that the patient is in good hands. When you do business with Innerpeace, you are doing business with the people you can trust.

Q- What are the pricing plans on offer?
A- Please contact us for details. However basic prices are mentioned in website at concern space.

Q- What are the modes of payments?
A- Payment can be made through cash/ credit cards at the time of registration. The payments can also be transferred to the Innerpeace healthsupport solutions account via cheque.