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Bridging the gap between the demand and supply of medical technology, Innerpeace is providing much needed solutions to healthcare providers in Jaipur and across the Rajasthan. 

Choose from a wide range of high-quality medical diagnostics equipment for monitoring blood pressure, pulse, body temperature, weight, and more. Products include scales, stethoscopes, Dopplers, and ultrasound, X-ray, and imaging equipment.

To meet exacting needs for quality, dependability, and durability, AliMed® offers a full range of diagnostics equipment. Dopplers for ultrasound provide high sound quality and come in multiple configurations, including auto-correlation Dopplers, portable or wall-mount Dopplers, and handheld non-directional or bidirectional Dopplers.

Tools for pulse oximetry include reliable and affordable handheld and fingertip models that simplify patient monitoring. We are the leading distributor and supplier of Diagnostic Equipment & Products, Diagnostic Medical Equipments, Diagnostic Products, Diagnostic Equipment Supply, Instrument, Systems, Set, Kit and Supplies In Jaipur, India.

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