Just like a child is not comfortable wearing an adult's shirt, in the same way, a child is never at home using an adult wheelchair. Since our SPROUT series wheelchairs are specifically designed for young adults and kids, it is far more easy to maneuver and handle. Special children have special needs and ARREX knows how to cater to them.

Kid's wheelchairs are outfitted for the unique needs of children. Pediatric folding wheelchairs are ideal if your child has to change needs or your family needs a highly portable option for storing in tight spaces or transporting in your vehicle. Designed specifically for kids, they are simple to use, reliable, and include built-in adjustments to keep up with your child as they grow!

Our lightweight children‘s range of wheelchairs are versatile and offer a full range of easily tailored options and accessories, that can be tailored to suit a child’s personality and needs. Wheelchair for Kids offers versatility, functionality, and maneuverability. These wheelchairs come in a variety of options to select from including lightweight, standard, ultra-light, and transport according to one’s mobility needs.

Our range includes children's electric wheelchairs, lightweight children's wheelchairs and dynamic Tilt in space children's wheelchairs.  We supply a range of children's wheelchairs in Jaipur to suit most children's needs. Our range includes children's electric wheelchairs, lightweight children's wheelchairs and dynamic Tilt in space children's wheelchairs.

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Pediatric Wheelchair - Wheelchairs for Children and Kids

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