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  • Getting a Wheelchair for the first time ! Must Read tips From Innerpeace

Wheelchairs can vastly improve your quality of life. Buying or hiring a wheelchair if you are disabled or have a health condition that affects your walking means you can continue to do the things you enjoy.

A wheelchair can help you continue to lead an active social life with disabilities or a health condition.

If you are like most people, you will be depending on the most knowledgeable person you know when you go to get that first wheelchair. This might be your sister who is a nurse, or an occupational or physical therapist, or a friend or spouse, or a salesperson at a durable medical equipment store. New users of wheelchairs usually get their first wheelchair in one of these ways.

  • A loaner or hand-me-down chair from someone they know,

  • A prescription from their doctor which they take to a sales person at a medical supply store, or, if they are fortunate, they go to

  • A wheelchair clinic with experienced wheelchair people like OTs, PTs and Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers.

The outcome or the end-result in getting a first wheelchair can have a lot of variation:

  • Sometimes people have a good experience.

  • Sometimes they don’t.

  • Sometimes first-timers don’t even know what to expect from the experience. (It’s hard to have expectations when everything is so new!)

  • Sometimes professionals know a lot and are really experts.

  • Sometimes professionals know a lot, are really experts and they include YOU in the process.

When you are included in the process, then there is a larger chance that the outcome will be a good one. You are included in the process when you are seen as a “client” (someone who is purchasing a service) and the professionals ask you questions about:

  • your goals,

  • your needs both today and in the short term future,

  • your lifestyle,

  • your living environments,

  • how you plan to use your wheelchair, and

  • how you plan to travel as a driver or a passenger in motor vehicles.

When you as a client experience this kind of evaluation you have had the best situation of all.

So…  When it is time to replace your equipment you will have an excellent resource at your disposal. Spending money for this kind of service might seem like an expense to avoid the next time you get a wheelchair but it can actually be money very well spent. Mobility products and services are more expensive and more complicated today.

Folding wheelchairs are available in various sizes, but often do not offer the specialized features that a prescribed wheelchair can offer.

For others, the wheelchair will be used more often, perhaps all day, at work, or indoors, for example. For this sort of wheelchair user, the comfort and maneuverability is likely to be much more important than how much the wheelchair costs.

These wheelchairs are less likely to be folding models, as the performance and weight of the wheelchair is more important than whether it folds.

These rigid, self propelled wheelchairs combine a lighter frame and wheels. They might have a more specialized back, seat cushion, foot rests and arm rests.

Wheelchair users who lead an active lifestyle, which might include playing sports such as tennis and basketball as well as driving and day to day living, will require a different sort of wheel chair again. These users are likely to move away from a cumbersome folding wheelchair, to one that is very lightweight, smaller and stronger than a traditional wheelchair.

A sport wheelchair might even be constructed from titanium which is stronger and lighter than aluminum. It probably won’t have traditional style foot rests, as these will be incorporated into the frame.

It might not have arm rests or handles, as it won’t need to be pushed. It is also likely to have customizable front and rear wheels so that the user has the most appropriate wheels and tires for their needs.

A good evaluation can be a huge saving in time and aggravation. You can often prevent a secondary disability like a shoulder problem, a pelvic position problems or a pressure sore when you have a knowledgeable professional working for you.

Getting a Wheelchair for the first time ! Must Read tips From Innerpeace

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