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  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Oxygen Therapy
  • Will my body get dependent on Oxygen if I use it continuously?
No, Oxygen is not addictive at all. A large number of patients express their concern regarding this and try to decrease the time they are on Oxygen or totally avoid it.
Supplemental Oxygen is prescribed because the lungs have become weak due to condition like COPD and the 21% Oxygen of air is now not sufficient for lungs which results in low level of O2in blood.
In order to make lungs feel like as if they are exactly in a normal healthy environment, they need some extra Oxygen so that the Oxygen exchange with blood is exactly same as it would have been with normal healthy lungs.
  • Can I use more Oxygen than prescribed?
No, using more than prescribed oxygen can cause Oxygen toxicity/Oxygen poisoning in the body which has many harmful effects like damage to eyes, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), alveolar damage, destruction of neurons , etc.
  • Is it alright if I use less than prescribed Oxygen?
No, you should use Oxygen exactly as prescribed by the physician. Using less than prescribed Oxygen can cause low levels of Oxygen in blood which can further cause poor memory, irritable mood, poor cognition, shortness of breath, headaches and much more.
Using less than prescribed oxygen for longer periods of time also deteriorates lung’s health and causes the disease to grow.
  • How much Oxygen is ideal for me?
The ideal amount of Oxygen is decided by your physician; he does it by carefully analyzing your ABGs. In most cases, the goal is to keep your Oxygen levels above 88% which after prescription is monitored using Oximetry. In healthy individuals, ideal saturation of Oxygen in blood is 95-99%.
  • Do I also need to keep an Oxygen Cylinder at home if I am using a concentrator?
It is recommended to keep an Oxygen cylinder as a backup source. After all, concentrator is a machine and any machine can fail anytime.
  • What are the common sources of Oxygen for therapy?
There are mainly 3 sources of Oxygen for therapy:
Oxygen Concentrators: Machines that concentrate Oxygen from room air. Just need a power source to work.
Oxygen Cylinder: Compressed Oxygen in a cylinder – Conventional way of Oxygen therapy.
Liquid Oxygen: Usually used in central supplies of hospitals. Liquid oxygen is stored in freezing cold tanks and allowed to boil at 90.188K (-186.92°C) to release Oxygen gas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Oxygen Therapy

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