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  • Oxygen for Fish Farming - JAY-20 for fish farming

Characteristic and Application:
Industrial oxygen usually includes high pressure oxygen and low pressure oxygen. Industrial oxygen are mainly used in welding and cutting process in the fields of metallurgical industry, chemical industry, environmental protection, building industry, light industry, medical treatment, aquaculture, biotechnology and waste-water treatment. 
The high pressure oxygen generation plant we provide is produced with advanced technology and has outlet pressure of 0.14-0.4Mpa. Outlet pressure of ordinary oxygen generating equipment is only 0.04-0.07Mpa. Our high pressure oxygen concentrator is suitable for being used in the welding and cutting process in industrial fields and it can also be used to supply oxygen in fish farms.
Our JAY-10-4.0, JAY-15-4.0 and JAY-20-4.0 industrial oxygen concentrators (with high pressure of 0.14-0.4Mpa and ordinary pressure of 0.04-0.07Mpa) has the following advantages:
1. Our oxygen generating equipment adopts safe and economical PSA technology to produce oxygen. 
2. The flow rare is adjustable in the range of 0-20L/min. 
3. Our oxygen concentrator is equipped with OCSI (oxygen concentration status display) and the oxygen concentration is adjustable. The highest oxygen concentration can be about 90%. 
4. Designed with timing function, the oxygen producing machine will stop working automatically when it reaches to the preset time. 
5. Our industrial oxygen gas generator has a large digital LCD display which can indicate the operating pressure, internal operating time, present working time, accumulated working time and the preset time. 
6. Configured with temperature alarm, high/low pressure alarm and power failure alarm, this oxygen generating machine is safe to use in industrial production. 
Technical Parameters: 

Flow rate0-10LPM0-15LPM0-20LPM
Purity93% (±3%)
Outlet pressure0.14-0.4MPA
Sound level≤50db≤60db≤60db
Power consumption≤850w≤1500w ≤1800w
LCD display
Switch times, operating pressure, present working time,accumulated working time
Low purity alarm ,High&low pressure alarm, Power failure alarm
Net weight65Kgs118Kgs125Kgs

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Oxygen for Fish Farming - JAY-20 for fish farming

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