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  • INSUKOOL -Portable Insulin Cooling Kit

INSUKOOL – a premium portable Insulin cooling kit, is designed to keep Insulin cool for long hours. INSUKOOL’S compact design and light weight makes it easy to carry in both within the city & outside.

One can keep the complete set of Insulin pen, Insulin cartridges, syringes and Insulin bottles in INSUKOOL and can be used round the year in all seasons. It is also very easy to clean. INSUKOOL is widely recommended by reputed Diabetologists & Physicians.

Its unique design requires NO electricity or battery & is totally maintenance free.
Specifically designed to keep the INSULIN COOL for long hours.

Innerpeace Healthsupport Solutions provides INSUKOOL -Portable Insulin Cooling Kit at dealer price in Jaipur.

INSUKOOL -Portable Insulin Cooling Kit

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