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  • Medical Thermometers

Innerpeace has thermometer types to suit all needs of the medical professional. Given the importance of evaluating body temperature in diagnosing illness, healthcare providers should have accurate, appropriate thermometers at the ready.

Types of Thermometers available with us -
  • Baby Thermometers - Detecting fever in infants is crucial to diagnosing illness. See our large selection of quality baby thermometers, from at-home models to hospital grade. Innerpeace offers digital, ear, forehead, and even pacifier thermometers

  • Basal Thermometers 

  • Digital Thermometers - Fast and easy to read, Innerpeace's selection of digital thermometers makes taking a temperature comfortable for the patient and convenient for the care giver. Find the thermometer just right for your first aid kit, clinic, or medicine cabinet.

  • Disposable Thermometers

  • Ear Thermometers

  • Infrared Dermal Thermometers - The ear canal is a perfect place to measure body temperature. These infrared thermometers are fast and accurate and easy to use for the nurse or home user alike. Probe covers are available to ensure a hygienic environment.

  • Oral Thermometers - The use of oral thermometers is the most common form for taking temperature. These oral thermometers are accurate and comfortable for the patient. See Innerpeace's extensive line of thermometers for home, clinical, or hospital use.

  • Professional Thermometers

  • Room Thermometers

  • Temporal Thermometers

  • Thermometer Probe Covers

  • Buy best quality medical thermometers in Jaipur from Innerpeace at dealer prices.

Medical Thermometers

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