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A reclining wheelchair consists of a backrest which tilts back from almost straight up; literally 90 degrees and nearly horizontal. The act of reclining makes the user’s hips to widen and changes their position from a seated one to one similar to sleeping on their back.

Reclining Wheelchairs: Which Type is Right for You?

Reclining wheelchairs have a high back that reclines independently of the rest of the air, allowing the user to lie back in a more comfortable position. Tilt-in-space wheelchairs can move the seat, back, and leg rests together, allowing the user to move around with more stability.

Tilt-in-space wheelchairs are perfect for those with specific medical issues, including:
  • Poor muscular control in the head, neck, or trunk, making it difficult to sit upright for long periods of time.
  • Those with scoliosis, the curvature of the spine, and other conditions that affect the strength and stability of the user's back.
  • Pain or pressure when sitting in a wheelchair can be relieved by the possible positions offered by reclining wheelchairs or tilt-in-space wheelchairs.
  • Those who have frequent seizures, sleep disorders, or fluctuating muscle control might feel safer or more secure in a reclining or tilt-in-space wheelchair.

When choosing a wheelchair for your medical needs, consider what will make you most comfortable. Also consider what will make your loved ones comfortable, especially if they will have to help you with day-to-day activities.

Reclining And Tilting Wheelchairs

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