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  • BI-PAP Machine on Rent

Full BiPAP operating instructions and mask fitting will be provided by a trained engineer at your home or in hospital. Book your Bi-Pap machine over phone. Call on 9929545206 for more details about models, prices and procedures.

BiPAP, or bi-level positive airway pressure, is a type of non invasive ventilation that helps keep the upper airways of the lugs open by providing a flow of air delivered through a face mask .The air is Pressurized by a machine, which delivers it to the face mask through long, plastic hosing.

A higher pressure is used to breathe in (called inspiration positive airway pressure, or IPAP) and a lower pressure is used when breathing out (called expiratory positive airway pressure, or (EPAP). Included are two washable and reusable pollen filters.

Getting started with Bi Pap machine (NIV) rental
If you are renting a Bi PAP machine that has been prescribed for use at home, you will also receive a comprehensive support service. This support is available to both Medical Card and non-Medical Card patients.

The monthly rental fee includes the following:
– Initial installation: set up, delivery and training
– Consumables and services supplied annually free of charge for rental patients
– Back up service

If you want to buy Bipap machine prescribed by your doctor, It is always better to try rental bi pap machine for at least a weeks period. This will give you insights about your therapy and you will feel confidence in buying Bipap machine.

Brands Available On Rent -

Philips Respironics

Models - Philips Respironics Bipap pro, Philips Respironics Bipap Auto, Philips Respironics Bipap ST, Philips Respironics BiPap AVAPS, Philips Respironics A 40 etc.


Models - ResMed Lumis 100, ResMed Lumis 150, ResMed Steller 150, ResMed Steller 100, ResMed S 9 Auto Bipap, ResMed S9 Bipap ST etc.

BMC ResMart

Model - ResMart Bipap Auto, ResMart Bipap ST 20

Our product range includes reused or new bipap machine brands like Respironics bipap, Resmed Vpap III ST-a bipap, Respironics M-Series bipap & many more. We have a wide range of full face mask, tube for Bipap. We have own service engineer team. Our rental service are available in Jaipur & Indore.

We offer BiPap machine on rent in Jaipur and Indore at best price. We offer service & repair of Bi Pap systems. Our product range includes reused or new Bi pap and many more. We have a wide range of full face mask, simple and gel mask, tube for Bi-Pap.

BI-PAP Machine on Rent

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