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  • Multi-Para Patient Monitors On Rent

A multi-parameter patient monitor system, also called as medical monitor, is a crucial instrument utilized in critical care units of hospitals. It senses a patient’s vital signs, and displays the results, without need of continuous attendance by the medical staff.

The benefits of providing vital signs monitoring at the point of care are extensive. New monitors have more accurate oxygen saturation in low perfusion and motion artifacts conditions.

A modern day patient monitor system can continuously monitor the vital signs of the patient like

Functioning of the heart (ECG/heart rate)

Pulse oximetry: Peripheral circulation and arterial blood oxygenation (SPO2).

Non-invasive arterial blood pressure.&

Skin and cavity temperature.

Breathing by impedance (breathing rate/ respirogramm).

Strength of myocardial hypoxia (ischemia), (st-segment analysis).

Capnography/breathing (breathing rate, capnogramm, CO2, FiCO2).

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Multi-Para Patient Monitors On Rent

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