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  • BiPAP AutoSV Advanced Ventilatory Support System

Obstructive component: 
Complex cases of sleep-disordered breathing present with varying degrees of obstructive versus central components. Maintaining a patent airway is vital, but oftentimes very difficult, making for particularly challenging titrations.

Central component: 
In the presence of central apneas, it is important for the patient to receive sufficient ventilation while still allowing natural pauses in breathing. Care must be taken not to over- or under- ventilate a patient with central apnea.

Unstable breathing: 
Patients with more complex sleep apnea conditions often demonstrate irregular and unstable breathing patterns. Standard CPAP or bi-level therapies were not designed to treat these patients.

Patient comfort and compliance: 
Therapy is only effective if the patient uses it consistently. Unfortunately, exhaling against pressure can be very difficult for many patients.

Auto EPAP: 
  • Automatically distinguishes between obstructed and clear airway apneas
  • Increases EPAP only when necessary to maintain a patent airway
  • Automatic adjustment of EPAP simplifies titration and achieves proven efficacy at the minimum pressure levels
  • Adapts pressure to your patients’ needs as their conditions change (e.g., weight, alcohol use, lifestyle).
Advanced backup rate: 
  • The timing of the backup breath delivery is calculated to encourage spontaneous breathing at the patient’s own natural rate as necessary
  • Clinically-proven technology assures therapy is highly synchronous with the patient’s spontaneous breathing
  • Delivery of automatically calculated back-up breaths has been shown to be effective on a wide variety of complicated sleep-disordered breathing patients.
Servo ventilation (SV) algorithm: 
  • Clinically-proven 3 SV algorithm monitors peak flow and changes pressure support breath by breath to stabilize the breathing pattern.
  • By establishing a targeted peak flow, the SV algorithm can rapidly normalize unstable breathing patterns with quick adjustments of pressure support.
Bi-Flex technology:
  • Clinically-proven 4 way to enhance patient comfort and compliance.
  • Provides pressure relief during exhalation and at the critical transition points from exhalation to inhalation and back to exhalation.
  • Makes it easier and more natural for those having difficulty adjusting or adhering to therapy.

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BiPAP AutoSV Advanced Ventilatory Support System