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  • Foot / Pedal Operated Manual Suction Unit

Suction apparatus widely used in hospitals, home and other medical institutions. Due to its light weight design, the equipment is easy to carry anywhere specially in remote areas.

The unit has metal base to handle the operation with comfort and ease. The equipment comes with a 1000m.l. glass reservoir to hold liquid waste and the unique pressure maintenance utility does not allow the liquid waste to flow backwards when the equipment is non-operational.

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Innerpeace healthsupport solutions deal in a range of Manual Suction Machines, which are meant to be used in place like hospitals, clinics etc. We bring forth uncompromised quality as our suction machines adhere to the internationally set standards.

Some of the types of Manual Suction Machines that we deal in are Manual Vacuum Extractor, Supreme Hand Held Suction Device and Supreme Foot Suction Machine. Also, we offer the machines market-leading prices. Electric automatic Suction units are also available on rental basis for patient use at our store.

The Manual Suction Machine is small in size, lightweight, easy to carry, safe and reliable for our buyers. The Manual Foot Suction Machine is operated manually and is hence most suitable for remote areas where there is temporary power cut.

Max Negative Pressure Value: >0.08MPa / 600 MmHg
Max. Negative Pressure Back-Reduction While Non-Operational: ≥0.05Mpa/10min
Reservoir Volume: 1000mL
Pedal Pressure: ≥245 N
Weight: ≥4.5 Kg

1. Suction tubing/ hose
2. Suction bottle
3. Bellows for placing the foot

1. Connect suction catheter to patient end of suction tubing attached to suction machine
2. Place the foot suction on floor across and in front of resuscitation trolley, with bellows on right side (if you use your right foot) and fluid collection jar on left side.
3. Ensure that foot suction is close to resuscitation trolley so that it can be operated while resuscitating the baby
4. Ensure that suction catheter is placed on baby mattress and tube length in not short
5. Place right foot on bellows and press down ensuring that it slides down in contact with the central vertical metal plate. This ensures that bellows do not tilt outwards, preventing slipping of foot.
6. Foot pressure can be adjusted to ensure adequate suction pressure.

7. Pinching the suction catheter end press bellows and check for suction pressure.
 For safety of newborn maximum suction pressure is limited to 100 mm Hg, irrespective of foot pressure.
 It is most effective if regular rhythmic compression of the bellows is performed.
 The foot suction must be cleaned immediately after use. Empty the fluid collection jar.
 The fluid collection jar can be auto-claved. This can also be washed with soap and water.
 Re-assemble when dry. Replace in carry case.
 Empty fluid jar immediately when filled more than half
 In case fluid jar cannot be emptied immediately when full, to prevent overflow of fluid into bellow, open the alternate suction inlet.

No suction pressure will be created even if bellow is compressed.

We also deals in Electronic Portable Suction Units which are best to use when patient needs suction procedure very frequent. Some accessories like Y-Connector, Suction catheter, Suction Tubes are also important to buy along with this suction unit to work.

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Foot / Pedal Operated Manual Suction Unit

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