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  • Lymphedema Arm Sleevs Compression Garments

You found a sleeve that you really love, it is the right size, the right compression, it’s not too tight or too loose, it looks great and is so comfortable. But one day you take it out of the drawer and it feels different, it is looser and when you take it off, the elastic doesn’t snap back to it’s shape.

Lymph edema Products carries a comprehensive line of compression garments for the suppression of swelling and the control of lymph edema in the upper extremities. With so many designs and manufacturers to choose from, you’re all but guaranteed to find the perfect item, featuring the fit, style, compression level, and comfort level you require.

Often called compression sleeves, these medical-grade garments feature graduated compression, to help your body’s natural circulation properly drain and recycle lymphatic fluid away from the arms and back towards the heart. Other upper-extremity garment options for the control of lymph edema include gloves and gauntlets.

Many people are required to wear compression sleeves or other upper-extremity compression garments after undergoing treatment for breast cancer. That’s because lymph nodes in the armpits are often removed or otherwise impacted by surgical interventions and/or radiation therapy.

Remaining nodes may struggle to accomplish filtration and drainage activities as efficiently as before. As a result, lymphatic fluid may accumulate in the tissues of the upper or lower arms, wrists and hands. Properly fitted compression sleeves, featuring the correct grade of medical compression, have been proven to provide relief from this uncomfortable and often unsightly side-effect.

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Our product is recognized as a brand that specializes in post-surgical compression garments and is a brand recommended by specialists as it accelerates the recovery and positive results of aesthetic procedures.

With a certification in the production and sale of compression garments and medical – surgical garments, post – operational garments, maternity garments, post-partum garments and daily shape wear garments.

Our brand converts compression garments and shape wear in products of the latest generation with lighter and intelligent materials.

Innerpeace healthsupport solutions provides all kind of home healthcare products and Lymphedema Compression Garments at very discounted prices in Jaipur.

Lymphedema Arm Sleevs Compression Garments

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