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  • Medical Alarms For Hospital And Home

Medical alarms help reduce patient falls and wandering, and allow care-givers to be alerted immediately. See our range of options from bed, chair, and bathroom fall alarms to doorway monitors, and integrated paging units. Ideal for home or nursing care use.

Alarm monitors in long term care facilities, hospices, assisted living centers, and in homes to detect and prevent falls and wandering. Bed Sensor Pads are placed under residents in bed and detect when they get up or fall, sending an alarm to the caregiver. Pressure Pads are available in corded or wireless options.

Bed Alarm Pads
Central Monitoring Units
Chair Alarm Pads
Complete Medical Alarm Systems
Fall Mats
Floor Alarm Mats
Medical Alarm Monitors
Motion Sensors
Seat Belt Alarms

Medical Alarms For Hospital And Home

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