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  • Specially Designed Foot-wears For Diabetic Patients

We offer the largest selection of diabetic shoes in Jaipur that are both stylish and fashionable, yet comfortable and functional to keep your feet healthy and protected.

Diabetic shoes, which are commonly referred to as therapeutic shoes and extra depth shoes, can be categorized under comfort shoes or orthopedic shoes. The purpose of these specially designed footwear options is to maintain and improve foot health by reducing the risk of skin breakdown for those diagnosed with diabetes and suffering from foot abnormalities or deformities.

Benefits of Shoes for Diabetics – 
Shoes for diabetics are made from softer, stretchable materials designed with added features for adjust ability and customization for sensitive and difficult to fit feet. Diabetes is the leading cause of lower extremity amputations not due to trauma and can be prevented more often than not with proper diabetic footwear.

These 4 main features set diabetic shoes apart:
  • Available in at least 3 different widths (Medium, Wide & X-Wide) to fit wide and swollen feet.
  • Removable insoles to provide added depth to fit custom orthotic insoles.
  • A deep toe box that is wider and rounded at the toe to accommodate forefoot deformities.
  • Soft, non-abrasive lining that is typically seamless, breathable and anti-bacterial.Custom made footwear for diabetes
Custom footwear for diabetes is prepared in such a way that it will help to overcome all these problems. This footwear does not cause any kind of problems like itching and all. Anyone with permanent scars on the body needs not to worry about it at all as custom made footwear designs shoes while keeping all the points in mind. Shoes for flat foot are also available.

This shoe does not place unwanted pressure on humans body. It is not only comfortable but very stylish too. And it provides great relief to back, knee and foot pain.
Innerpeace healthsupport solutions have the expertise in recognizing, and supplying, the need for COMFORT, STYLE and QUALITY in the therapeutic diabetic shoes industry.

Today our comfort footwear line includes:
• Diabetic shoes
• Prescription and Non-prescription inserts
• Diabetic socks, Slippers, Sandals
• Silicon gel products
• Custom made footwear
and are expected to grow more with time.

Call us now on 9929545206 to know more and order for customized foot-wears.

Specially Designed Foot-wears For Diabetic Patients

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