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  • Semi Fowler Recliner Patient Care Beds On Rent

Get the HOSPITAL BEDS for Patient Care at home on RENT from INNERPEACE in Jaipur and Indore. Book over phone on 9929545206.

These two section perforated beds, are uniquely designed, to find application for knee rest function. Equipped with either simultaneous, central or individual braking system, these beds are operated using either cranks or motors.

Patient safety is guaranteed using either collapsible or easy lifting guardrails. Head and foot panels are made utilizing Stainless Steel or ABS engineering plastic.

The hospital bed provides comfortable positions is cardiac, respiratory, neurology, paralysis and orthopedic conditions. It has also provisions for deep trendsetting, reverse transgendered, knee-flex and backrest facilities. The beds head are made of stainless steel tubular structure and the stainless steel side rail ensures safety to the patient.

Innerpeace is the best place to buy Hospital beds like semi fowler beds, full fowler beds and other patient utility furniture at most reasonable prices in Jaipur and Indore.

The beds we provided are equipped with side railings to prevent the fall of your patient from the bed as well as best quality mattresses that provides full comfort to your patient for even long term stay on the bed. Also available rental options and rent to buy options for all kind of patient care hospital beds at Innerpeace only.

Get Patient Care Hospital beds on rent for patient care at home in Jaipur and Indore at best price from Innerpeace.

Semi Fowler Recliner Patient Care Beds On Rent

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