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  • Nearly Me Artificial Breast Prosthesis For Cancer Patients

Gel Based - 40% lighter in weight than standard weight silicone

Lighter in weight for women who have lost denseness and firmness in their natural breast.
Perfect weight for those who have chronic back problems or chest sensitivity.
Mimics the look and feel of softer more mature breast tissue.
Shallower form to fit surgeries where more tissue has been left on the chest wall.
New resilient outer skin that makes them feel more like natural tissue than ever before.
The new film is more matte in appearance to mimic the look of natural tissue.
2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Made in U.S.A.

A breast prosthesis or breast form is an artificial breast that is used after a woman’s breast has been surgically altered or removed. Whether the loss of the breast is permanent or temporary, a breast form can be worn to simulate the natural breast and body shape. Full breasts and partial breasts, known as equalizers, can be used to balance the appearance depending on what type of surgical procedure was performed. These forms come in a variety of materials (usually silicone, foam, or fiberfill) and can be worn inside a bra or attached to the body with a special adhesive.

Innerpeace healthsupport solutions is the only company in Jaipur and Indore that provide artificial breast prosthetics for breast cancer patients at very reasonable prices.
Buy best quality Artificial Breast Prosthetic in Jaipur and Indore For Cancer Patients and Indore at best dealer price and quality assurance from Innerpeace only.

Nearly Me Artificial Breast Prosthesis For Cancer Patients

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    Nearly Me

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