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Karma is a world leader in Mobility Rehabilitation Care. The company is dedicated to helping those who can't walk and lead a normal life with mobility. In India Karma now has a strong presence with world-class quality products including Pediatric, Bariatric, Active and Ergonomic Wheelchairs. Karma Healthcare Limited has a strong field force and support teams in more than 150 towns in the subcontinent.

Types of Karma Wheelchairs

S-Ergo Series

Patented S-shaped seating and ergonomic design.

Relieve pressure, stabilize sitting position, and reduce downward sliding.

Ultra Light Series

Ultra lightweight, foldable, and compact.

Ideal for outdoor travelling.

Flexx Series

Complete accessories, numerous adjustments for ultimate comfort and performance.

Standard Series

Basic functions, economic.

Recline Series

Recline, rest, and relax. Comfortable and pressure relief.

Tilt-in-Space Series

Weight redistribution, stable positioning, ultimate pressure relief.

Active Series

Excellent maneuverability, elegant and stylish.

Ideal for active outdoor use.

Sport Series

For basketball, tennis, table tennis, and other sports.

Exclusively designed for children, stable positioning, right size and good fit.

Flexx Series

Complete accessories, numerous adjustments for ultimate comfort and performance.

KM-8000 Series

Multiple accessories and options, solid and durable.

Bariatric Series

Light bariatric, multiple adjustments to suit varying needs.

Custom-made Series

Emergency model, airport model.

Standing Series


Short travel in the community, ideal for indoor (brief outdoor use).


Indoor use, multiple adjustments to suit varying needs.


Perfect for outdoor and travelling.


Ideal for outdoor with multiple adjustments for best fit.

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Karma Champion 100 Wheelchair

Karma Champion 100 Wheelchair

Modern-day, stylish and particular Elliptical layout with Streamline shape, reliable with Low upkeep..

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