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  • Dream Wear Nasal Mask ( Under The Nose)

Frame Size: Small74 mL, 77 mL, 79 mL
Frame Size: Medium76 mL, 79 mL, 82 mL
Frame Size: Large80 mL, 83 mL, 86 mL
Niveau de Puissance Acoustique PondereeA 25 dBA
Temperature-4 Degrees Fahrenheit to 140 Degrees Fahrenheit (-20 Degree Celsius to 60 Degree Celsius)
Relative Humidity15% to 95%, Non-condensing

Other Benefits: 
  • Before using the mask, hand wash the entire mask (see Mask Care in your Instructions for use). Wash your face. Do not use moisturizer or lotion on your hands or face.
  • Four cushion sizes (S, M, L, MW) are available. Place the cushion-sizing gauge under your nose to determine your size. For the best performance, use the smallest cushion that its your nose.
  • The most common mistake when itting is over- tightening the headgear. Signs of overtightening include redness, sores, or bulging skin around the edges of the mask.

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Dream Wear Nasal Mask ( Under The Nose)