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Anti bedsore air mattress for patient use at home -

Whether you’re looking for an air mattress for hospital bed use or want to enjoy the benefits of a medical air mattress in the comfort of your own home, these pressure relief mattresses are vital for patients who spend fifteen hours or more in bed each day, or who are at risk of developing bedsores.

Mattresses for bedsores feature air-filled channels that alternate between filling with air and decompressing, which improves circulation to prevent ulceration and bedsores. 

Buy Best Quality Anti-decubitus air mattress & pump system

The bubble pad style offers patients more benefit than linear style pad because the bubble design allows more touch points offering a superior therapy system.

Therapy for stage I pressure Very easy to operate Adjustable comfort range with pressure adjustable control knob Adjustable hangers of the pump to suit any kind of hospital bed frames Medical grade non-toxic bubble pad mattress with unique design Ultra quiet air pump operation/maintenance free.

The Pump Attached with Air Mattress runs 24 ours and provide alternate pressure therapy effect so that less pressure will feel to the patient at particular body part. This Will Help Preventing Bedsores among bedridden patients.

The Pump Attached with mattress comes with a one-year replacement warranty.

Types Of Anti decubitus air mattress available at Jaipur Office

Tubular Air Mattress- The device is specially designed to refrain patient’s muscle from long-term fixed pressure at the same position for preventing prevent bed sore. This innovative design is to refrain patient’s muscle from long-term fixed pressure at the same position to prevent bed sore.

Bubble Air Mattress - Superior in quality and efficiency, the equipment is light in weight that makes it very easy to transport and makes very less noise while operating. Bed sores may occur, if a patient is lying on the bed for a long period of time, maybe he is hospitalized, ill or disabled to walk.

how to use anti decubitus air mattress

1. First, remove the existing mattress from the patient's bed. Now remove the entire mattress system from the box and place it on the frame of the patient's bed. 

2. Remove the control unit from the box, unfold the mounting brackets on the reverse and attach the unit to the foot end of the bed using the foldable brackets.

Thanks to the foldable mounting brackets, the control unit automatically adjusts to the foot of the bed and fits securely. Ensure that the connection hose is located at the foot end of the bed. When the control unit is detached, the mounting brackets automatically fold back to the starting position. 

3. Roll out the base mattress and push it into the separate compartment underneath the cell chambers. 

4. Fix the entire mattress to the bed frame with the securing straps. 

5. Next, attach the connecting adapter of the main connection hose to the mattress (remembering to first remove the transport seal) via the connection socket on the rear of the control unit.

6. Please ensure that the connection is clipped completely into place. Check the switch position of the CPR emergency valve. The switch must be set to the "closed" position. 

7. Insert the plug into a power outlet (230 V), making sure that the voltage is correct. 

8. Start the control unit by pressing and holding the Power button (for 2 seconds). 

9. Next, use the mode button to set the unit to alternating mode (LED indicator "ALTER" lights up) or static mode (LED indicator "STATIC" lights up), depending on your desired operating mode.

10. The mattress takes approx. 20-25 minutes to inflate.

11. The system is ready for use when the "LOW" indicator goes out see alarm functions). 

12. Now set the regulator to the patient's weight. When doing so, refer to the weight data provided on the regulator scale.

13. The patient can now lie on the mattress. In order to improve patient comfort, a sheet can be placed over the system. When doing so, take care to avoid.

Benefits of Air mattress for patients with bedsores-

1- Decrease cost of treatment

2- Increase quality of life

3- Comfortable sleeping

4- Easy to Clean

5- Easy to use.

6- Transferable.

7- Can be used with multiple patients

How it works :

Alternative rows (A type rows)1st third and 5th rows are connected with each other and in the same way, (B type rows) 2nd 4th and 6th rows are connected with each other in the mattress. We connect the air mattress with these 2 tubes 1 tube is connected with A type of rows and the 2nd is connected with B type of rows.

When the pump starts working, A & B type rows are inflated and deflated alternatively. For the first 3 minutes, A type of rows will be inflated and B type of rows will be deflated and after 3 minutes it will be vise versa making the B rows inflated and A type rows Deflated.

The weight of the body was borne by A-type rows for the first 3 minutes and for the next 3 minutes type B rows will bear the weight. The process will continue. It means the position of the patient is constantly changing and hence less pressure on a particular body part, this process will refrain from the muscles of the patient, thus prevent bed sores.

How does a medical air mattress help to prevent bed sores?

The mattresses are designed to heal all stages of bed sore 1-4. They also remain inflated in case of a power outage which is very much critical to the prevention of bed sore in patients. Some mattresses are also equipped with static or auto-firm or seat inflation options.

They also feature low-pressure alarm or power failure alarm with buzzer indicator to take necessary precautionary measures beforehand. The adjustable cycle time allows controlling the frequency of mattress alternates.

In Simple Words - It puts air in different chambers of the mattress and releases the air when it is on. It blows up in one area while releasing air in another area. This takes the pressure off so the patient does not get pressure sores(bed sores).

Best quality Air bed for patients price is Around 3200 to 12000 in Jaipur

Features -

Maximum weight: 130kg (repair kit included)

The dimension of mattress: 300 cm x 90 cm x 6. 5 cm bubble cells without vents

Dimension of pump:: 24 cm x 12 cm x 9. 5Cm

Air output capacity: 4. 5- 5. 0 Litre/min

The weight of mattress: 2.5Kg

Brands And Models Available of Air Mattress System available at our store in Jaipur-





Arjo Huntleh


Bubble design allows more touch points, offering a superior therapy system and prevents bed sores

• For patients at risk of developing pressure ulcers
• The visual low-pressure indicator and manual pressure setting makes the Betabed pump easy to operate
• Adjustable hangers of pump suitable for any hospital frames
• Medical grade non-toxic bubble for easy cleaning and storage
• Ultra quiet air pump operation is maintenance free
• Interlocking bubble cells exchange air every 5 minutes.

Innerpeace Healthsupport Solutions is the leading distributor and supplier for all kind of medical equipment based in Jaipur. We do sale best quality and branded products with genuine warranty, directly to end users that’s why our customers will always get most economic rates for all kind of medical healthcare products.

Buy Air mattresses for bed sore and old age person and old age care products at best prices in Jaipur from Innerpeace. We do also provide home delivery in Jaipur. PAN India delivery services also available. 

Contact us a just by a phone call on 9929545206 for more information about this product or you can also visit our store.

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