In today’s busy life, hectic work schedule allows very little time for workout and fitness. But staying fit is important for a healthy and disease-free life. If you don’t find time from your daily busy life to hit the gym or go outdoors for a jog, getting a fitness equipment at home can be the best solution. We do provide all kind of home users and commercial treadmills at best possible prices in Jaipur. Visit our store today or call us now for more details.

A treadmill can help you work out at home as well keep a check on cardiovascular functioning. We have the wide availability of treadmills at pocket-friendly prices.

How to Buy A Treadmill
Maximum Weight Support 
Did you know that you can even choose a treadmill for your weight range? Treadmills that support lower weight ranges are cheaper compared to ones that support a larger weight range. Save the extra bucks and choose treadmills based on the maximum weight they support. 

You can select treadmills that support between 151 to 175 Kg if you’re slightly overweight or have a large muscle mass. Also, there are lower options from which you can choose from like, 126 to 150 Kg, 101 to 125 Kg and 75 to 100 Kg. 

Track Length 
Some people prefer to workout on a treadmill that has a low track length, and there are some who prefer to work on treadmills that have a bigger track length so that they can work out comfortably. There are a lot of treadmills that are widely classified based on the track length. 

There is one type of treadmill that has a track length of more than 137.1 centimeters, which are offered by brands like Afton and Kobo. Some other lengths offered by treadmills include 120 to 127 cm, 127 to 132 cm, 132 to 137 cm, and up to 120 cm. 

Exercise Type 
Many people have a misconception that treadmills are only meant for running and jogging, but that’s not true. Treadmills can also support several other types of exercises. The LifeSpan TR200DT and BH fitness BT6441T 100 Treadmill support crab walks. 

The Afton XO-150 and Kobo 2 H.P Jogger supports exercises like Walking lunges and Walking planks. Also, there are brands like Kamachi, Stayfit, Aerofit, and Telebrands that manufacture treadmills that can support exercises like treadmill push, side shuffles and reverse mountain climbing. 

Inclination Level 
Some fitness enthusiasts prefer to run on treadmills that have a higher inclination level. The higher the inclination, the greater the number of calories burnt.

The brands that are available online offer treadmills that have inclination levels that range from 0 to 5, 6 to 10, 11 to 15, and 16 and above. Treadmills that incline more than 16 levels give users a feeling similar to running up a hill.  

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