Home Mobility Modification For Disables And Old Age Persons

Innerpeace healthsupport solutions is the only dedicated store for all kind of home healthcare products and accessories that enable old age care patients and disables to live more independent. Our vision is to increase quality of life of patients and we are working unidirectional for our vision. Call us now on 9929545206 to know more about home modification products and costing.

Home modification can be done for the patients suffering with Alzheimer, dementia, stroke, aphasia, cerebral palsy, permanent disability and amputation.

Home modification can provide to increase quality of life and friendlier living so occupants may continue to live in the comfort of home and work place.

Our focus in making a home disables friendly is always on increasing and improving – self-sufficiency/self-reliance, mobility, security, comfort and convenience.

Modification can be generally done in following areas

· Accessible Bathrooms and bedroom.

· Accessible Kitchens/ dinning

· Stairs and lifts

· Workplace Modifications

Steps involve in modification at home

· Conduct a Home Assessment by our experts.

· Determine the Needed Modifications or Adaptations

· Decide How and When to Undertake Home Modification

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