Inspark MOIST HEAT THERAPY UNIT (Senior, Mobile)

  • Inspark MOIST HEAT THERAPY UNIT (Senior, Mobile)

The specifically designed pack heating unit automatically maintain Hot Packs in water at proper temperature with no plumbing necessary. 


Construction : Unit's outer body made of 18 gauge & inner chamber of 20 gauge S.S.Sheet double walled, well insulated, mounted on 75mm dia. 4 casters & drain valve.

Dimensions. : Over all, approx. 60cm x 40cm x 80cm.

Heat Control. : Thermostate to control Temprature from 30 to 110 deg.Cen. with 2 Pilot Lamps.

Heater. : 2 kw. specifically designed Heater.

Hot Packs. : Total 12 of different sizes:

a, Six, Standard size (25x30cm). 

b, Two, Half Size (12x30cm). 

c, Two, Neck Contour (60x15cm). 

d, Two, Full Back (25x50cm).

Accessories. : Two forceps to get-out Hot-packs from hot water.

Finish. : Polished finish inside.

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