Inspark MOIST HEAT THERAPY UNIT (Junior, Mobile)

  • Inspark MOIST HEAT THERAPY UNIT (Junior, Mobile)

Made out of heavy gauge stainless steel sheet double walled, fully insulated in between top and sides. Overall size 45cm x 30cm x 75cm high. Fitted with 2000 watts immersion heater, pilot lights and thermostat for heat control. A drain valve is provided for emptying. Mounted on 75mm dia rubber castors for easy mobility.

Comes with 8 Steam packs (five of standard size 25cm x 30cm, one of half size 12cm x 30cm, one of contour shape cervical pack size 16cm x 60cm and one full back size 25cm x 50cm, containing special heat retaining silica gel crystals. Polished finish inside & spc. paint finish outside.

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