Air Beds And Anti Decubitus Mattress For Patients

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Anti bedsore air mattress for patient use at home -

Whether you’re looking for an air mattress for hospital bed use or want to enjoy the benefits of a medical air mattress in the comfort of your own home, these pressure relief mattresses are vital for patients who spend fifteen hours or more in bed each day, or who are at risk of developing bedsores.

Mattresses for bedsores feature air-filled channels that alternate between filling with air and decompressing, which improves circulation to prevent ulceration and bedsores. 

Benefits of Air mattress for patients with bedsores-

1- Decrease cost of treatment

2- Increase quality of life

3- Comfortable sleeping

4- Easy to Clean

5- Easy to use.

6- Transferable.

7- Can be used with multiple patients

How it works :

Alternative rows (A type rows)1st third and 5th rows are connected with each other and in the same way, (B type rows) 2nd 4th and 6th rows are connected with each other in the mattress. We connect the air mattress with these 2 tubes 1 tube is connected with A type of rows and the 2nd is connected with B type of rows.

When the pump starts working, A & B type rows are inflated and deflated alternatively. For the first 3 minutes, A type of rows will be inflated and B type of rows will be deflated and after 3 minutes it will be vise versa making the B rows inflated and A type rows Deflated.

The weight of the body was borne by A-type rows for the first 3 minutes and for the next 3 minutes type B rows will bear the weight. The process will continue. It means the position of the patient is constantly changing and hence less pressure on a particular body part, this process will refrain from the muscles of the patient, thus prevent bed sores.

Features -

Maximum weight: 130kg (repair kit included)

The dimension of mattress: 300 cm x 90 cm x 6. 5 cm bubble cells without vents

Dimension of pump:: 24 cm x 12 cm x 9. 5Cm

Air output capacity: 4. 5- 5. 0 Litre/min

The weight of mattress: 2.5Kg

Bubble design allows more touch points, offering a superior therapy system and prevents bed sores

• For patients at risk of developing pressure ulcers
• The visual low-pressure indicator and manual pressure setting makes the Betabed pump easy to operate
• Adjustable hangers of pump suitable for any hospital frames
• Medical grade non-toxic bubble for easy cleaning and storage
• Ultra quiet air pump operation is maintenance free
• Interlocking bubble cells exchange air every 5 minutes.

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