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We are one of the leading supplier, distributor, manufacturer and exporter of medical first aid kits for schools, Institutes, Houses, automobiles, industries & corporates in Jaipur and Rajasthan.

Our growth depends on meeting the varying demands of our customers & we know that without them we would not exist.

First Aid Box manufactured by us offer high-quality material, medical equipment, and contains medical supplies that can be used in giving first aid to everyday scrapes and injuries to medical emergencies.

Your first aid kit should be organized, properly stocked and available at all times. It’s a good idea to have a first aid kit in various locations such as at home, in the car and at work.

You can buy first aid kits from us at best prices. Specialty kits are also available to meet specific needs.
At St. Johns, it is our endeavor to exceed client’s expectation by offering international standards at competitive price. We believe that quality & innovation is a continuous process.

The first aid supplies are nearly assembled in a bag / box or any other containers so that they are easily accessible during emergencies. The first aid kits are available for various application & range like "New Parent Kit”, “Burn Care kit”, “Pet care Kit”, “Safe Home Kit”, “Travel Safety Kits”, “Bike Kits”, “Industrial Kits" and etc.,

☀ Multipurpose Kit
☀ Industrial Kit
☀ Work Place Kit
☀ Safe Home Kit
☀ Travel Kit
☀ Specialty Kit
☀ Innovation Kit
☀ First Aid Refills
☀ Disposable Kits
☀ Disaster Management Equipments
☀ Hospital Equipment/Medical Devices
☀ Drugs and Pharmaceutical
☀ First Aid Training
☀ Safety Guide and Charts

The various gauzes, dressings, and bandages found in a first aid kit have different uses. Some of these include:

Adhesive strip dressings – small strips of gauze attached to a sticky backing. These dressings are used for minor cuts and skin injuries. In Australia, they are commonly called band aids. It is important to be aware that some people are allergic to band aids.

Non-adhesive dressings – best used for covering burnt or abraded (scraped or grazed) skin. Never use adhesive dressings on burnt or abraded skin.

Wound dressings – these thick pads are used to help control bleeding and reduce the risk of infection. Different sizes are needed for different-sized wounds.

Crepe or conforming bandages – these elastic bandages are used to create pressure, hold dressings in place, reduce swelling and provide some support.

Triangular bandages – these non-elastic bandages are used for slings, to hold splints in place and to restrict movement.

Sterile eyewash solution – used to flush eyelashes, insects, dust, sand or similar particles from the eye. Never attempt to remove an object that is embedded in or has penetrated an eye – in such an instance, seek urgent medical attention.

We have designed our first aid boxes in such a way that they can be used multipurpose in most situations. Our kits are ready with first aid kit content list, logo, information about usage.



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