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Patient-facing problems like difficulty in understanding conversation over phone fail to understand announcements at the airport, railway station and many other public places properly.

The different styles of hearing aids AVAILABLE AT OUR STORE IN JAIPUR.

Styles of hearing aids. Depicts behind the ear, mini BTE, in-the-ear ITE, in-the-canal ITC, and completely-in-canal CIC.

Behind-the-ear (BTE) aids: 

Most parts are contained in a small plastic case that rests behind the ear; the case is connected to an earmold or an earpiece by a piece of clear tubing. This style is often chosen for young children because it can accommodate various earmold types, which need to be replaced as the child grows. Also, the BTE aids are easy to be cleaned and handled and are relatively sturdy.

"Mini" BTE (or "on-the-ear") aids: 

A new type of BTE aid called the mini BTE (or "on-the-ear") aid. It also fits behind/on the ear, but is smaller. A very thin, almost invisible tube is used to connect the aid to the ear canal. Mini BTEs may have a comfortable earpiece for insertion ("open fit"), but may also use a traditional earmold. Mini BTEs allow not only reduced occlusion or "plugged up" sensations in the ear canal, but also to increase comfort, reduce feedback and address cosmetic concerns for many users.

In-the-ear (ITE) aids: 

All parts of the hearing aid are contained in a shell that fills in the outer part of the ear. The ITE aids are larger than the in-the-canal and completely-in-the-canal aids (see below), and for some people may be easier to handle than smaller aids.

In-the-canal (ITC) aids and completely-in-the-canal (CIC) aids: 

These hearing aids are contained in tiny cases that fit partly or completely into the ear canal. They are the smallest hearing aids available and offer cosmetic and some listening advantages. However, their small size may make them difficult to handle and adjust for some people.

Features -

1. Behind the ear hearing aid, easy to wear and comfortable wearing in either ear;

2. A key switch, volume adjustment, easy operation;

3. Small hearing aid, convenient to carry

4. Corresponding uncomfortable threshold properly adjust the maximum output, protect ear;

5. 3 different earplugs are provided, which can fit different people's ear; 6.Detachable speaker, easy to clean.

Your hearing health is important to us and we produce the best advice and offer the most essential products available to satisfy your hearing needs.

Most people who were able to regain their hearing ability with the help of the right solution describe a dramatic improvement in their quality of life. We provide the Most Trusted BTE hearing aid supplier and distributor for Digital Hearing Aids in Jaipur & an optimal solution to suit every individual - regardless of degree of hearing loss, age, lifestyle or budget.



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