Physiotherapy Equipments For Cerebral Palsy

Physiotherapists work with children, teenagers and adults with a disability to develop new motor skills, improve or maintain existing skills and abilities, and support participation in sport and recreation and leisure activities.

Many children with Cerebral palsy can be more independent with the help of (simple) equipment. Some children with Cerebral Palsy need (simple) equipment in order to prevent contractures and deformities.
Every individual with Cerebral Palsy presents with different symptoms, needs, and priorities depending on their age and the extent of the damage to the brain. Each individual will be assessed by their therapist and have treatment tailored to their needs and goals.

We are also the dealers for fitness equipment, orthosis and prostheses equipment and surgical equipment.

We manufacture our products with good quality. We use high standard raw materials for our products. 

We use CR Pipes, 304-grade stainless steel, and best quality plywoods.
We manufacture beds with high-quality resin and E-foam materials with fine stitches.

We are engaged in manufacturing, a good quality Standing Frame with CP Chair. We can use this for treating a 2 years old child to 20 years adult (2 in 1). A Cerebral Palsy child is treating to sit and stand using this product. The unstable neck is made stable, by holding them using the neck arrest.

We design and manufacture all our products under the guidance of leading physiotherapist and Physiotherapy professors.
We provide videos and images for fitting and dismantling of our equipment so that you can fit or dismantle without seeking our help and can have reduced expenses.

We have listed all our products on this website and have provided a catalog of all products with images.

Under each product categorization, one can view all varieties of that product.

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