Medical Water Bed For Bed Sore Patients

Types of water beds-
General water bed
Therapeutic water bed for medical use.

Air bed vs waterbed for bed sores -
Both water beds and air mattresses are prone to puncture. However, water beds are designed so that the vulnerable water core is somewhat shielded from the threat of puncturing.

On the other hand, air mattresses have no such protection - any breach in the seal results in either a slow or a fast leak and eventually the mattress will deflate. In fact, air mattresses are generally not very durable, while water beds can have a life of many years, with proper care.

Waterbed for bedridden patients -
The therapeutic qualities of water beds are well known; water-filled bed or mattresses had been used for bedridden patients for 100 years previous to the invention of the water bed.

They simply distribute the pressure on the particular body part that is very known to have a pressure sore. This distribution of pressure results in decreasing chances of developing a bed sore for a bedridden person.

Water bed for treatment of bed sores -

Treatment and prevention of ulcers depend upon reducing the pressure of these critical parts of the body. Methods such as the use of air, silicone, and foam rubber mattresses, the regular turning of patients, and surgical closure have been tried with much expense and difficulty in attaining success. A satisfactory method of treatment and prevention is now available through the use if a water bed or water-filled mattress.

Water bed price and suppliers in Jaipur-

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