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For those who have been advised to use a nebuliser at home. We offer a range of nebulisers to RENT for a small fee each month. Call us now on 9929545206 for more details.

A nebulizer is a medical device that converts liquid medication to a mist that can be inhaled. This is especially useful when large doses are prescribed. Nebulizers are helpful for asthmatics who have trouble using inhalers, such as young children. Patients with certain lung diseases can also benefit.

Respiratory conditions such as asthma, COPD, and others can require the use of a nebulizer to increase response to a medication.

Home nebulizers are designed for tabletop use and connect to an electrical outlet. Portable units can be small enough to fit into a purse and are battery-powered.
Our children’s nebulizers are available in a large selection of cartoon and toy themes, which will help reduce the level of anxiety in children that require nebulization treatments.

This helps children to remain calm and entertained throughout the process, which also allows medical professionals, caregivers, or parents to focus on providing proper treatment.
You also need accessories, such as a mouthpiece or mask (with a spare, just in case), an air compressor and tubing, and a nebulizer cup.

Innerpeace provides you nebulizers on rental basis also. Sometimes, you may need these kind of products for very shorter duration. Buying it may put an extra cost on you, so get nebulizers on rent in Jaipur at affordable price too according to rental plan which suited you most from Innerpeace only.

Also available new mask for nebulizer machine at best prices.

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