Ambulance Services

Ambulance Services

The ambulances, we provided are well equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment’s. We offer you many options in ambulance services and you can choose the one which suits you most.

We do have following kinds of Ambulances.
– Ambulance with ICU facilities.
– Ambulance with ventilator.
– Advance life support ambulance.
– Basic life support ambulance.
– Ambulance service for events and road shows.

Basic life support ambulance
These air conditioned ambulances (AC Ambulance) are well equipped with oxygen, foldable wheelchair, fold able stretcher, emergency lights, sirens, first aid kit, etc. These Ambulances are designed with good suspension system and because of that patient experiences minimum jerks.

These are meant for shifting non emergency patients who needs only oxygen and basic support.

Ambulance with ICU facilities
Our advance life support ambulances are equipped with life saving machines like ventilator, cardiac monitors, suction machine, infusion pumps etc. and having all emergency life saving medications, hence providing an environment of intensive care unit (ICU) of any hospital.

We have expert doctors and experienced Para-medical staff who provide symptomatic treatment and expert medical care while on the way during transportation of critically ill patients in our private ambulance services with ICU facilities in Jaipur.

Ambulance with ventilator. - Sometimes, patient needs to be shift even in critically ill condition to a better or higher category of hospital.

These ambulances are meant for shifting the patients who are critically ill, on ventilator support, the patients who are on multiple life support systems, to shift the patients from one hospital to another hospital from one city to another city with our Ambulance with ventilator service in Jaipur.

We do provide our Ambulance Services to government and non government organizations, private firms and corporate offices, for events, seminars, road shows and rallies etc.


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