Customization In Wheelchairs And Scooters

Innerpeace Healthsupport Solutions is well equipped to provide state of the art customization to your wheelchair and scooter at most affordable prices in Jaipur with ready to use attachments and products. Call now on 9929545206 for more details.

Powered/electric wheelchairs are used by people who cannot able to move by themselves due to physical disability or old age.

Today, users have the option to improve the performance and comfortableness of their wheelchairs and even personalize the styles and specifications to suit their lifestyle and mobility requirements. Now a day, users are driven to customize their wheelchairs to address their special requirements, enhance its performance, or to express certain styles according to their preferences or needs.

We believe in wheelchair customization according to users’ needs with most comfort and creative design. Your wheelchair should be unique, just like you. We can customize a specially designed mobility wheelchair just for you. We offer cost effective models to high end luxury wheelchairs that fit your lifestyle, or your specific needs.
Customized wheelchairs are considered products that provide its users not only comfort but convenience as well. Customizing wheelchairs often involves simple modifications to address users needs.

Electric Wheelchairs are selected and customized based on the following major parameters.
Status and type of disability

What kind of customization can be done with electric wheelchair?
– If your leg swells on continuous sitting in the same position, we can make it to lift or change the position of the legs you can choose an automatic foot rest lifting mechanism.
– If you get bed sours when continuously sitting in a wheelchair the best we can do is to have a wheelchair with tilt-in-space seating system.
- This is just a trailer about what technology can do with wheelchairs to do not let you stopped by any means of disability.
– We can make your wheelchair seat reach the car seat height.


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