Intensive Care Unit (ICU) SetUp At Home For Critical Care Of Patient

Very beneficial for patients who are critically ill, and for those who prefer to be treated in the comfort of their homes. Call us now on 9929545206 for further details about the cost and procedures.

If You Are Searching For Setting up ICU At Home Or all medical equipments at home before migration from hospital, We Are Here For Help.

Imagine a fully functional ICU in the comfort of your home and at a fraction of the cost – Rs.7,000 to Rs.10,000 per day against Rs.25,000 to Rs.50,000 per day in a hospital. It’s a reality in the Jaipur.

Innerpeace healthsupport solutions is providing worldclass home healthcare services in Jaipur including setting up ICU just at your home for critical patients.

Basic products required to set an ICU like setup are -

Oxygen concentrator

Patient care bed


Anti decubitous Air mettress

Physiotherapy equipment

Bipap Machine

Ventilator Support

DVT Pump

Suction machine

Multipara monitor and other product according to condition and disease of the patient.

Such services are up to the mark and cost-effective. As compared to a hospital, the cost of an ICU at home service is half. Additionally, the patient gets all the necessary treatment, equipment and infrastructure required.

We are specialized in Intensive Care Home Nursing for long-term invasive and mechanically ventilated Adults & Children with Tracheostomy, requiring ongoing high level and specialized nursing care in their own homes.

We have created the opportunity to take your loved one home on a ventilator with professional 24/7 support and care for Tracheostomy ventilation at home.

Apart from setting up the ICU infrastructure, we are also provide post-surgical care, post-joint replacement care, post-cardiac surgery care, pulmonary care, elderly care and physiotherapy at home.

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