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Why Oxygen Concentrator is needed for home use.

When a doctor prescribes oxygen therapy for the prolonged period or in medical conditions like asthma, COPD, ILD, or cardiology disorders, Its become a challenge to keep patients in the hospital only for oxygen therapy.
Oxygen concentrators are widely used to provide supplemental oxygen to patients at homes and in clinics.

Many patients have been diagnosed with respiratory diseases that require specialized treatment. These treatments most often come in the form of oxygen therapy. The oxygen helps reverse the long-term effects of oxygen deficiency on the heart. It also helps reduce sleep disruption and improves memory and concentration.

Oxygen Cylinders vs oxygen concentrator.

Both give artificial oxygen at an optimum required rate with proper humidity. Both are used at hospitals and at home by patients, recovering from illnesses, both are used by Normal People when Pollution in cities is high or at high altitudes where levels of natural oxygen are low. The only difference comes with their prices and work. You need to refill oxygen cylinders every time after particular period of time while oxygen concentrators run on electricity and no refill needed.

Advantages with a home oxygen machine.

Why opt for a rental instead of buying a new one.
some patients needed oxygen therapy for a very short period of time. Buying a new machine for them just add many thousand rupees extra burden on treatment. Getting oxygen machine on rent for that time will save a lot of money.

Before buying an oxygen machine for home use, make sure to consult with your physician. He can appoint to you the exact type and brand of device that you should purchase. Your doctor is also the one who will calibrate your machine, ensuring you receive oxygen therapy at required pressures. This will take 6-7 days to make a decision about buying a new machine, at this time getting an oxygen machine  

How to get oxygen concentrator on rent in Jaipur.

The cost to rent an oxygen concentrator depends on the type of machine, the duration of the rental you opt and accessories you want with machines.
To book an oxygen concentrator for home use in Jaipur, you just need to give us a call, Our representative will ask you for requirements and will deliver the machine as per your convenient timing. We provide instant delivery and installation of oxygen concentrators for patients in Jaipur.

How to do maintenance and run oxygen machine

Every machine needs maintenance and an Oxygen Concentrator is no different although the maintenance required is minimal.

  • Tips to remember when starts using the oxygen machine at home.-
  • Switch ‘ON’ main power source where the power cord of the Oxygen Concentrator is connected
  • Place the machine in a well-ventilated location preferably 1-2 ft. away from the wall so that the intake and exhaust have clear access
  • Connect the humidifier (Usually required for Continuous Oxygen flow more than 2-3 LPM)
  • Ensure that the particle filter is in place
  • Connect the Nasal Cannula/Mask and ensure that the tubing is not kinked
  • Turn-on the machine by pressing the ‘Power’ button/switch on the machine
  • Set the Oxygen flow as prescribed by the physician on the flow-meter
  • Bubble out Oxygen by putting the outlet of Nasal Cannula into a glass of water, this would ensure the flow of Oxygen
  • Breathe through Nasal Cannula/Mask

Innerpeace Healthsupport Solutions is the leading medical equipment provider in Jaipur. We Provide Best quality of medical equipment at most affordable prices for sale and on rent also.

Charges - 3000 Per Month As Rent.

Security - 30000 Refundable.

Installation Charges - 200.

Delivery Charges Extra.

Our exhaustive range of respiratory equipment including Oxygen Concentrator, BI-PAP, C-PAP, AUTO-PAP, Pulse Oximeter, Nebulizer, Suction Machine, Medical Ventilator and Sleep Diagnostics System helped patients to regain better-health

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