Inspark PARAFFIN WAX BATH (Arm & Hand)

  • Inspark PARAFFIN WAX BATH (Arm & Hand)

Internal wax tank size : 40cm. x 20cm. x 20cm. deep, is made out of stainless steel sheet. The top has a metalic cover and the edges of the bath has a lam-inated covered wooden rim, all around the top. Wax bath moves on 50mm. dia casters. Works on 220V A.C.

Provided with one special wax immersion heater and thermostate to control temperature from 00 to 85 deg.Cen. Finished in oven baked enamel. Comes with 3kg wax.

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Inspark PARAFFIN WAX BATH (Arm, Hand & Foot)

Inspark PARAFFIN WAX BATH (Arm, Hand & Foot)

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