S Cure AirCure 2500 Tubular Air Mattress

  • S Cure AirCure 2500 Tubular Air Mattress
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  • Product Code: AirCurve 2500
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Product Description

Therapy for stage I to III pressure
Adjustable comfort range with pressure adjustable control knob
Interchangeable bladders in mattress for easy cleaning and maintenance
Adjustable hangers of pump to suit any kind of hospital bed frames
High grade medical non toxic mattress retards bacterial growth

Ultra quiet air pump operation

The low air loss holes on the mattress provide good ventilation and keep patients dry form humidity
Vapour permeable; Water resistance cover provides a low friction surface
Better Compressor
Low maintenance in compare to bubble type mattress, Ideal for Long term bed ridden patient in order to get more comfort

Technical Specifications

Airflow Output: 8L/min
Electrical: 220 ~ 230V/50Hz
Pressure Range: 40 ~ 100 mmHg
Cycle time: 10 min

Strip Mattress
Arrangement : 17 bladders + 1 extra

Cover : Nylon/PU with button
Cells : Nylon/PVC
Base : Nylon/PVC

Parameter/ Model No. Aircure 2500

Mattress Dimension [in cm] 190 X 85 X 11
Pump Dimension [in cm] 24 X 12 X 9.5
Max. Weight Bearing Capacity 140 Kg

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