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Thanks to the scoop action carried out by two longitudinal edges it is possible to position the stretcher below the patient without having to move him/her.

The scoop stretcher can be used to lift, transfer or transport the majority of patients.

Special attention has been given to the choice and definition of the material used in construction, which have to respond to certain needs:
lightness, mechanical resistance, trustworthiness and durability.

The silhouette of the scoop stretcher has been studied to improve the insertion below the patient’s body and at the same time stabilise when transferring or transporting.

It is supplied with three fixation belts with quick release buckle.

Scoop stretcher
Available in the following colours
Minimum extension: 1665 mm
Maximum extension: 2168 mm
Folded extension: 1200 mm
Width: 435 mm
Thickness: 65 mm
Folded thickness: 85 mm
Weight: 9,9 kg
Load capacity: 170 kg

Quick and safe apparatus for the separation and solidification of the two semi stretchers

The terminal part, for the fixation of the feet is narrower which improves manoeuvrability in confined spaces
Handle to select the length of the distal part of the stretcher
The concave surface contains the patient and thanks to the extruded laminate profiles, lateral movements are minimised.
The central longitudinal area is free from metal structure which allows the carry out of radiographic investigations
Large holes on the perimeter of the scoop stretcher simplify the lifting and transportation of the patient
The extruding bars are fixed to the aluminium frame with the interposition of alloy fusions
The scoop stretcher is easily put away, because in one swift movement it folds up

Technical Features
Aluminium Frame
Thermal resistant Composite materials
Clutch enable detachable interlocking between right
and left halves
Clutch design : Centre or Lateralized
Length Adjustable
03 pairs of quick release belts
Net Weight : 9Kg
Length: Min; 170 cm Max; 200 cm
Width: 40 ~ 45 cm
Weight Bearing : Up to 159 kg
Optional: Head Immobilizer



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