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HomeCare Suction Unit is a compact medical suctioning device which has been designed for reliable, portable operation.

Medical suction machines are used for various medical reasons in a hospital setting but the home models are primarily used for respiratory conditions.

Respiratory conditions often result in secretions of mucus or serum that must be removed from the body. When the patient isn’t able to cough up these secretions the aid of a suction machine is required to clear the lungs and airways.

Prior to the development and availability of suction machines patients who needed suction treatments had to visit a hospital or clinic where the procedure could be done.

Additionally, patients who had to have suction treatments performed often and regularly were never able to be released from hospital before home suction equipment was available.

In addition to people who have respiratory conditions, people who have either temporary or permanent tracheostomies will often require suctioning as their tracheostomies may cause the creation of mucus secretions that cannot be cleared by the patient.

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