With a clear mission: to be a one-stop, full-service wheelchair shop, Innerpeace health support solutions are working unidirectional to help increase your mobility. Shop from Wheelchair Studio for All kind of best wheelchair prices or to get wheelchair on rent in Jaipur. Used wheelchair, electric wheelchair, automatic wheelchair, low price wheelchair are available at low prices than amazon, walmart and other online wheelchair sellers.

We do buy wheelchairs directly from the manufacturer. Our customer service people understand the wheelchair buying process and are ready to provide you with the information you need.

Brands Available- Karma, Vissco, Invacare, Drive, Ostrich Mobility, Arrex, Panacea, Etc

Types Of Wheelchairs available at Our Store In Jaipur.

1. Manual self-propelled wheelchairs foldable

   1.1 - Aluminium Wheelchairs

   1.2 - Steel Wheelchairs

   1.3 - Heavy Duty Wheelchairs

   1.4 - Lightweight Wheelchairs

2. Manual attendant-propelled wheelchairs

3. Powered wheelchairs

4. Mobility scooters

5. Single-arm drive wheelchairs

6. Reclining and tilting wheelchairs

7. Standing wheelchairs

8. Sports wheelchairs

9. Wheelchair stretchers

10. All-terrain wheelchairs

11. Wheelchair with Commode

12. Wheelchairs For Cerebral palsy

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Custom Made Manual Wheelchairs

Custom Made Manual Wheelchairs

From time to time we have customers whose specific needs are not met with our standard wheelchairs then we go back to our drawing board to m..

Light Weight Aluminum Shower Bench with Back & Detachable Handrest

Light Weight Aluminum Shower Bench with Back & Detachable Handrest

Light weight aluminum shower bench with back support and detachable hand rest, provides maximum comfort while bathing. The detachable hand r..

Shower Bench Without Back

Shower Bench Without Back

This is a folding and compact shower bench. It is made from high grade aluminum and virgin plastics and has premium features for comfort and..

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